How to Repot Succulents Repotting Tips by SucculentsGreener

How to Repot Succulents? Repotting Tips by Succulents Greener

Probably you are a succulents lover so, that’s why here you if you want to know how to Repot succulents in that way they grow well then, you need to read this blog here we try to explain every single information about repotting succulents.

Succulents need to repot to grow well. A gardener needs small and thick pots to plant the succulents. We should see a small vase when we are going to repotting a new one. Later, we should repot it into a bigger pot. To grow well, we need a spacious area. Repotting succulents leads to healthy. A healthy succulent gives shine to the garden.

how to repot succulents
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When and how to Repot Succulents?

A repotting succulent is necessary because the damaged part spreads the entire area. Therefore, we should observe whether it is infected or not. After some months, according to the succulent, needs repotting. We need a large pot to grow because long roots spread the garden. While repotting the vase, a gardener trims the roots to avoid germs and insects. Hence, a succulent needs a bigger pot when the roots grow long. Therefore, sometimes roots will damage the soil with overwater and overheat. Therefore, to remove the damaged part gardener changes the pot. 

A succulent infects with bugs. Therefore, to remove insects and bugs we need a fresh pot. After removing the bugs, a plant man will clean the entire plant and pour soil mixer after cleaning the tub.

After a long time plant, a man removes the succulent from the pot to spray the pesticides and soap water to protect the plant. After that, the gardener changes the container to keep the succulent fresh forever. 

Plants look unhealthy due to direct sunlight, negligence. Then the gardener takes steps to repot to grow healthy.

How to choose a pot to repotting Succulents?

  1. Select well drainage hole pot to drain extra water
  2. Use a fresh pot to repot the succulent.
  3. Take undamaged pot 
  4. Choose the wide pot to a succulent when you are going to plant. The succulents feel happy in the extended vessel.

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how to repot succulents

How to pour soil while repotting Succulents?

  1. Use fresh mixers of soil, sand, and pebbles. These mixtures absorb water and remove extra water.
  2. Use drainage hole pot to drain water quickly. 
  3. Water will drain from the hole outside.
  4. Add cactus soil on the top of the pot is necessary to grow healthy.
Readymade mixture

In hill, areas, and forest areas, readymade succulent potting mixtures are available. So use a readymade mixer in an emergency instead of making the mixture. 

The readymade mixture contains spray, pesticides, and other protective materials, to protect the succulents. A soil mixture with a new pot can grow succulent quickly and safely. We should observe that the soil has bugs and insects are there. Otherwise, the succulent will spoil immediately.

While removing the soil, moves the pot from one pot to another vessel while repotting the plant. Succulents are fleshy plants.

It attracts some insects and bugs. 

Bugs will eat the plant leaves and damages the roots, stems, and leaves. Therefore, a gardener repot the succulents when damage appears. While repotting gardener removes the leaves, stems, and damaged roots to replace in a fresh pot. A plant man cleans the plant before going to replant/repot. We choose a new one to spray the pesticide lotion washes with soap water to remove the roots’ small germs. It will kill the unseen germs in the plants and grows well. Secures the succulents are hard. Maintenance is a little bit

how to repot succulents
New succulents to repot

When we buy a new succulent, the seller will keep in polythene covers with soil. Later we remove the polythene cover after coming home. We should change it into a small pot because a succulent will die in a plastic cover.

A plant man uses a Terra Cota pot to plant the new succulent. Hence, succulent will grow safely. The soil mixture consists of sand, rocks, and soil layer is essential to repot the plant. After some days, it will grow naturally initially, as a usual gardener will move the succulent to sunlight to shadow to grow healthy. Baby succulents need light heat and cool in the initial stage.

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Self made soil for succulents

Man, made mixture is better than a readymade mixture. We can pour sand, pebbles, and soil, as our wish, which needs the types of succulent plants. It can grow in soil, sand, and pebbles mixture.

An experienced gardener can mix easily in the pot to repot the succulent. Hence, select the new bucket according to the succulent condition. Baby succulent needs a small quantity of soil mixture and a small plant vase. The plant needs less sunlight and shadow to grow. To maintain baby plants, we need a self-made soil mixture only.

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how to repot succulents
Repotting during dormancy

Dormancy means a week planned. After a long time plant becomes weak, so gradually plants will look unhealthy. Therefore, we should think weather repot is needed or in the dormancy. Proper maintenance of succulent will give long life dormancy will not occur to the plants. Always the plants are safe.

How to Repot succulents in dormancy?

We need a soil mixer, a set of garden tools, and a fresh pot to repot the succulent in dormancy. We should systematically check the succulents and decide either to remove the entire plant or keep in the garden. Later it will use as fertilizers for the succulents.

how to repot succulents
Unblocks plus repotting

First, we should unblock the succulent to repot. We should remove the small plant carefully and secure it smartly. We then choose the new pot to repot the plant to remove all other materials like rubber bands, wool, and its dirty ness to keep healthy in the new pot. Add cactus soil to repot the succulent. Add a rock layer before adding the cactus.

Add the cactus soil to the pot. Gently remove the dirt, soil, and sprays soap or pesticide water.

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Repotting succulents in the seashell

We can use a seashell to repot the succulent. Succulents are famous worldwide. People make new types of pot for succulents because to drain the water. The succulent pot needs a hole.

how to repot succulents
Preparation of soil mixture in the pot to repot
  • Add a layer of rock bed to allow extra drainage of water.
  • Add cactus and a layer of one to two inches soil on the top of the succulent. 
Final Thoughts

Dear readers repotting and the transplanting succulent is not the same. Some difference is there between these two. Repot means changing the pot under various conditions. Transplantation means changing the soil in some situations. If the pot damages then, the plants need repotting. Anyhow, both are essential to maintain succulents healthy.

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James Robinson

I have a question, I bought 5 new Gollum jade plants and they are almost outgrowing from their pot. I repot them without cleaning excess soil with some fresh succulent soil mix; I want to know when I water them. It reporting them three days before.


Reading this article is so satisfying. few days before I buy some succulents plants so, I was curious about how to Repot succulents, but this blog helps me a lot now I know repotting succulents is not so hard if I keep a few important things in mind.

Thanks for sharing!

Lynwood Harrier

i like this excellent article

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