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How to plant succulent

How to Plant succulent?

Succulents are beautiful plants. It attracts the entire area of its surroundings. Succulent plant enhances the beauty of our home. It looks pretty in our home. Succulents are in different colors and sizes to plant.

We can choose different colors and types of succulents to grow. Succulents are useful for health. It maintains a Cool environment, purifies the air, and improves fresh oxygen. Hardy plants keep our mind peaceful.

Succulents give relief to us. People feel tension-free about seeing the succulents environment. Thick plants maintain peace in our minds. Some ayurvedic doctors used succulent as medical So much medical succulent cure some diseases succulent improves memory.

For example, Aloe Vera is used for weight-loss and diabetes and removes some stomach problems.

How to plant succulents

Succulent is a good-looking plant. Planting succulent is essential at every place on comparing to other plants. Succulent maintenance is easy and low. It grows in the pots and garden.

How to plant succulents from seeds

Growing succulent plants is costlier than seeds. Nursery plant maintenance is a little bit risky. To germinate succulents seeds, we need sunshine and moderate temperature. Spring seasons are better to grow hardy plants. In other seasons, we should move the plants.

According to the seed type, we should maintain growth in a garden. A gardener arranges the tray according to the seed type. He moves the seed tray from one place to another, sunshine to the shelter. While growing, we need both the temperatures to protect from bugs.

How to plant succulents

Here let us know about how to plant

Buying the nursery plant is a little bit, easy than growing from seeds. First, we should buy from a nursery. After that, we should separate from the nursery pot.

Nursery maintainers already pour water and place it in a small pot. After buying the plant, we should wash the plant carefully without damage to the roots. Later, we should detect that the trees are healthy or not.

We should take a new pot and place it. Succulent need six hours of sunlight and then move it to the shadow area. Frequent refreshment of soil is necessary to save the plant.

We should observe bugs that affect the plant or not. If we scrutinize that bugs affect the plant, we should remove the entire plant from the pot. After washing with alcohol and soap water, we should place it in a new Jar.

After that, we should transplant the succulents. Succulent require less water once in a week. In the beginning, a drainage hole is compulsory for a pot because soil should drain to pour water.


How to plant Indoor

First, choose the plant to grow in Indoor, and try to search whether it will grow in Indoor or not. Then after following the steps to grow in Indoor. Growing plant in Indoor and Outdoor is not easy. In comparison to both, It is the same and risky. Growing Indoor is easy. Let us know how the plants grow in Indoor.

Tips and techniques to grow Indoor plants

Keep room for drainage.

Take a good soil mixture.

Good sunlight.

How to water

how to plant succulents

How to grow in the drainage pot

The pot includes a drainage hole to place the plant. Because the drainage hole helps to drain water after the entire surface’s dryness, a gardener pours water into the Jar.

Take a good mixture of soil.

A pot needs a good soil mixture. Succulent need water, sunlight shadow to grow healthy roots and leaves. Therefore, the gardener mixes the soil, small rocks, and sand mixtures in the pot to protect from sunlight.

In Indoor, if you place a pot near the window or on the balcony. Move a pot near to sunlight or in any area of your house near t light. Succulents need sufficient water to thrive in Indoor.

We should pour more water at a time. Before going to water, the plant pot needs to dry the surface. If we want to grow healthy, we should follow the wet and dry process for succulent. Daily watering is necessary because it soaks the water at once and stores the water in roots and stems.

Avoid the glass jar to grow succulent because we cannot hole into a glass jar. A drainage hole is necessary for succulents.

We should cover with mesh to stop the soil flow. Wood pot is the best pot for succulent it can protect from Sun or hot temperature and stay in a Cool environment. Wood pot can keep the soil wet for a long time. Finally, the wood pot is the best for succulent to maintain a moderate temperature.

how to plant succulents

Glass pot

Glass pot is not suitable for succulent. It is used for temporarily while changing the potting mixture. However, we do not use it for a long time.

Metal pot

We never use metal pot either, in Indoor or an Outdoor. Just place a moment while changing the soil mixture. However, we should not keep it for a long time.

How to plant in a Garden

Weather condition

Provide shade

How to water

Transplant with caution

Provide drainage hole for container

Give them space

Soil mixtures

Succulents enhance the beauty of the garden. The garden looks good. A gardener feels happy to grow succulents in the garden to make a gardengood looking.

how to plant succulents

Weather conditions

When we are going to plant the succulent outside, we observe the climate conditions. It needs a medium temperature. At the earlier stage, we need to move the plant. Therefore, we should place it in the pot only to change the place.

Move to shadow

A succulent plant needs both a moon and a sun so move to moonlight and sunlight.

How to water in the garden

We should place it properly and pour sufficient water on seeing the surface of the area. Until the surface of the succulent is dry, we should not fill the water. According to the weather condition, pour the water for succulent. Overwater damages the plant.

Transplant the plant

A gardener plants the succulent in a long distance. A distance between plants is necessary to dry the surface. The surface of the succulent should be spacious. Open pots are necessary to grow the succulent healthy. Transplantation of the succulents is necessary. By changing the soil mixture, the plant will grow properly.

how to plant succulents

Drainage whole pots

A drainage hole for pots is necessary to drain water. It helps to drain overwatering. The water hole supports the succulent to maintain the medium temperature.

Spacious is necessary

In Indoor or Outdoor, the plant needs more space to plant. Every pot should be spacious because it will absorb moisture. The moisture will help to dry the water. Succulent needs a distance between the plants to grow more roots.


Succulent’s plant gives fresh air and improves oxygen. It enhances our immunity with a pleasant environment. Nowadays-growing succulent is a craze among people. Therefore, people focus on the succulent in Indoor and Outdoor of the house

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