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How to water succulents

How To Water Succulents? 10 Best Tips for Watering

Succulents enhance the garden beauty if we place it in our home. The interior house looks beautiful. People opt succulents in Indoor and outdoor of the house. Therefore, we should try to know about how to water Indoor and Outdoor maintenance of succulents when to water and how much water we should pour to the hardy plants. These are the main things to grow succulent plants.

how ot water succulents

How to water succulent

Succulent soaks water and stores the water in leaves, stems, and roots. This water helps to survive when water scarcity happens. Succulent can keep up a month with their stored water. Negligence of succulents spoils the leaves and leads to dry the plant. Therefore, frequent observation is necessary to save the plants. We should not force them to live without water for a month.

Best water for succulent

Before watering the plant, we should know about which water is the best water to pour for succulents.

First option

If you have filtered water, it is the best water to pour succulent. We should give priority for filtered water to grow.

Second option

Tap water on comparing to bore water, tap water is soft.

Third option

Bore water is safe because it comes from the bore-well directly to the plant. Sometimes chemical changes damage the leaf.


How to water properly to grow

A plant man prefers pot than a garden. Small succulent needs wheeled pot. To move from one place to another, wet and dry soil needs to grow succulent properly. Therefore, a gardener fills water on seeing the dryness of plants spot. If the plant becomes a bit dry, then he pours water immediately.

Why it’s Necessary to see the status of succulent?

Every plant, either its succulents or any other, needs water to grow properly. But, the succulent plant needs a drainage hole pot. A plant man pours water to succulents. Gradually it will drain the water from the drainage hole. It needs sunlight to shine, water to grow healthy, and clean leaves to remove mud, fungus, and bugs.

How often water to water succulents

How to water succulents in a pot

A succulent can grow well in a pot in the earlier stage because; the small plant cannot bear more water and sunrays. According to the weather, we should move the succulents plants. Hence, it is easy to move sunlight to shadow and shadow to sunlight.

How to water in the garden

A Garden for succulent is suitable than a pot because the garden has more space to pour water and easy to drain. If we plant the succulent distance, then it will grow instant, and it protects from bugs. We should place the plant on covering pebbles and small stones to protect from sun and rain in the garden. Garden facilitates the succulent to design artfully. For every succulent, protection is necessary for every 3 hours. We can easily see the infected plants in the garden and washing with alcohol or soap water. It is handy to water the plants in the gardens.

How to water succulents in seasons

In summer, season temperature is high. Some people believe that no need to pour water for succulents often. However, it is wrong. Enough water is necessary. Hardy plants need water frequently.

How often we water for succulent

If the garden pours, water enough, once in a week. When the plant is dry, then we have to pour water. Water should pour in-depth into the entire succulent soaks well to stores the water in stems and roots. Automatically that water helps to survive the plants. Succulent nature is, it should not continue in wet and hot for a long time.

Time to pour water in summer

In the summer, pour water to succulent before sunlight or before hot temperatures arise. When the climate is hot, plants go to damage if you pour water. If you forget or have no time to fill then, choose evening hours to water.

Protection from bugs and hot

In summer, strength is necessary than pours water. In summer, every living being needs water to drink. Like those plants, they also need water to drink and store. Naturally, bugs attract water, insects, and bugs fall into the water. It is common in our daily life.

Therefore while watering the plants, we need to protect from bugs’, insects, and heat. It is significant because succulent cannot bear the high temperature. Next pouring water sufficiently leads to grow healthy roots and healthy leaves.

How to water succulents

Young man watering cacti plants in his living room. Man giving water to cactus plants at home.

How to protect from the sun

A plant man uses wheel pots and wheel trays to move one place to another. When the sun is in the middle level, he moved the succulent to the shadow to protect from sun rays, because sun rays will spoil the succulent.

How to water the succulent in the rainy season

It is a lucky season for a gardener, agriculture, and horticulturist because there is no need to pour water for the succulent. Succulents consume rainwater sufficiently. Therefore, the Rainy season is the best r for succulent to grow. Excess water can spoil the plant. Therefore, succulent needs sunlight to dry surface for all plants. Rainwater is fresh and chlorine or fluoride-free water.

How to protect from rain

A gardener keeps the plant in a wheeled pot or wheel tray by using these caretaker changes the place according to the weather condition.

Protection on bugs in the rainy season

Protection from water is necessary for the rainy season. Bugs and insects fall in all places. We cannot control these bugs sometimes, but rainwater removes dust particles and mud from the succulent.

How often do you pour water during in rainy season?

In the rainy season, according to the weather, we should pour water. Early morning is the best time to pour water. Watering plants in the early hours strengthens the roots and stems of the succulent.

How to water in the spring

Spring season succeeds in the hot and cold and maintains equal temperatures. The spring season supports the plants to grow healthy. We should pour water into observing the dry and wet conditions of the succulents. Once a week is essential.

How often we pour water

A gardener pours in the early morning or the evening. Once in a week and for some succulents twice, in a week is essential. Placing the plant in the pot is better than a garden because the drainage hole drains water and easy to move in an earlier stage.

How to water succulents in winter

According to the temperature, you should support it. When the temperatures are below 40 degrees once in a month is enough to pour water in winter. If it is above 40 degrees on observing soil, we should fill the water.

  • Protection from the bugs

  • Bugs and insects come to live under the leaves in water to protect from cold.

How to transplant

In the early stage, succulents need transplantation. The plant grows naturally in soil. However, changing the pot preserves the succulent. Frequent checking of the root protects from bugs and insects. Therefore, we need to change the pot and soil. Transplantation means changing used soil to new. It will improve the succulent’s roots, becomes the strength, and improves immunity. Bugs and hummingbirds never attack the plants with this process. Anyhow, transplantation of succulents is as prevention is better than cure.

How to Repot the succulent

Succulent needs repot for healthy and beautiful. A mixture of soil, sand, pebbles, and small stones needs to keep on the top of the pot to thrive properly. While repotting the plant, a gardener will remove the bugs, mud, and insects from the roots. The gardener changes the entire material and use new pot and new soil and cover with small rocks and pebbles a little bit to drain water. Choose the drainage hole pot to drain water, and wheel pot to move from sunlight to the shadow area. This process protects the succulent from bugs, insects, and sunrays. Finally, pour water sufficiently when it is going to dry.

Which are better Indoors or outdoors plants?

Indoor plants and outdoor plants need maintenance.

  • Pouring water

  • Placing succulents

  • Observe dryness of plant

  • Observe wetness of plant

  • To keep in sunlight for 6 hours,

  • To place it in a normal temperature area,

  • Round the clock, protection from the bugs and insects

  • Choosing the best Indoor plants

  • Choosing the best Outdoor plants

  • Purpose of growing succulents

According to your choice, you decide yourself which is better Either, Indoor or Outdoor succulent.


Succulents are necessary for our daily life. People are confusing about Indoor, and Outdoor succulents too, which is better, here both the succulent are good. However, care for both is the same. Any way succulents need equal sunlight and cool to grow healthy.

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