Succulent types


Senecio Vitalis

Senecio Vitalis Blue Chalk Finger

Senecio Vitalis Narrow-Leaf Chalk Sticks,Blue chalk finger Senecio is a succulent species of flowering plant, and the common name for this succulent is blue chalk fingers. This succulent is in blue, green color and is best suitable to plant in containers. This plant has a beautiful height. The blue chalk finger plant belongs to South …

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Aeonium Kiwi

Aeonium kiwi

Aeonium kiwi looks large and has fascinating color. The Kiwi plant produces flowers, appears like rubber. Kiwi plants are easy to grow. The roots of this plant are dazzling ineffectual and are hair-like structures. The leaves of this plant are in a spoon shape. Plant stores water. The origins of this Aeonium kiwi plant grow right to the branch.

Aloe Aristata

Aloe Aristata

Aloe Aristata is succulent with no stems; in the forms of rosettes, the leaves grow. The succulent is ambrosia, and its flowers are in a tube shape, orange in color. This succulent plant also knows as Lace aloe.

Sedum Adolphii

Sedum Adolphii Golden Glow Sedum Plant

Sedum Adolphii Golden Sedum, Golden Glow The Sedum Adolphii is succulent, and the sedum is familiar as the golden plant. The golden sedum plant is an easy one, which proliferates without much effort and maintenance. The plant produces rosettes, and the leaves of the plant are in green, yellow colour—the golden sedum plant changes from …

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