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Aeonium Arboreum

Aeonium Arboreum Zwartkop Succulent Growing Guide

Aeonium Arboretum

Common name:Black Rose


Origin:Atlantic Islands, mainly Canary Islands, and northern Africa

Sunlight:5 to 6 hours

Dormancy:Summer dormant

Water:In winter weekly and winter bi-weekly

Soil:Slightly Acidic sandy loam


The Black rose, orAeonium Arboreumis one of the most stunning plants in the succulent family. Its dark purple leaves with black foliage are exceedingly beautiful and enrich the appearance of the place where you keep it. These succulents are fairly easy to take care of.

If you are new to this plant, there are some important things, which everyone must need to know just before starting to look. In this article, we have discussed all the caring and growing tips for your Aeonium Arboreum.

How to care and propagate Aeonium Arboreum?

When you have to take care of your Aeonium arboreum zwartkop, remember that a lot of light is required for these succulents to grow healthily and get such rich-looking leaves. These chubby succulents are great outdoor plants, irrespective of how cold or freezing the weather is. However, you can even grow them indoors if you follow the indoor growing instructions.

When you are keeping your succulent indoors, remember that it gets a minimum amount of light. Keep it near the brightest window to ensure enough light reaches it. Don’t water the plant too often and plant it in well-draining soil.

Aeonium Arboretum

Care Guide for Aeonium Arboreum: -

Watering Requirements

  • Even though most of the succulents can tolerate harsh climates, even draught when growing them in your garden, you have to meticulously look after the wagering requirements, as per the season’s requirement.
  • The humidity and weather of the region where you live are also contributing factors for your Aeonium succulent’s healthy growth and water needs. For example, if you live in an arid climate with no or significantly less humidity, watering them often; is essential to keep them chubby, healthy and retain their color.
  • In summers, in the presence of high heat, to keep your Aeonium Arboreum Zwartkop healthy, you have to water them every seven days. However, in cooler weather, watering them in 12 days will keep your plant healthy, especially when your succulent is placed outsides.
  • On the contrary, a location with higher humidity levels demands a higher amount of water for the succulent. If you live in tropical regions, rely on humidity and rainfall to water your succulents. But, if your region doesn’t receive rainfall in winters, water the plant once every three weeks.
  • A great way to check whether it’s time to water is to check the moisture content of the soil. If you feel the top inch of the soil feels dried out, it is time to water the pot. If you are uncertain of how much or at what intervals you should have to water in the beginning, it is better to be on the safe side and keep the plant underwater. Gradually increase the amount of water till you reach the required amount.
Aeonium Arboretum

Sunlight Requirements

  • This stunning succulent Aeonium Arboreum thrives in partial shade; however, an Aeonium Arboreum Zwartkop also required full sun to grow its dark rich color. They need constant indirect light for 5 to 6 hours every day.
  • In case you have placed the plant where there is intense exposure to direct sunlight, acclimate your Aeonium to prevent burn. Gradually increase the amount of the sun; otherwise, the plant may stop growing due to shock.
  • Keep in might that even though the plant is native to areas with high sunlight, too much exposure to harsh sunlight can cause sun damage, sunburns, bleaching, and other significant problems. In such situations, try changing the position of your plant, specifically by bringing them indoors under a controlled habitat.

Soil Requirements

  • Like most other succulents, Black Rose required well-draining soil. The best soil mixture preferred forAeonium Arboreumis sandy soil. Achieve a combination by mixing regular potting mix with coarse sand in the ratio of 2:1. Add perlite or pumice to the mixture. Or, you can make a mixture by adding typical potting mix, rough and perlite in the ratio of 1:1:1.
  • If you live in a dry climate, increase the amount of perlite solution. The best soil type for Aeonium succulent is sandy loam which is slightly acidic with a pH level of 5.6-6.0.
  • This sand-soil composition is native to the Canary Islands and Northern Africa, which is the origin place of these plants. These were the essential requirements of growing a beautiful black rose, aka Aeonium Arboreum.

What to do in Cold Season?

  • Aeonium Succulents, aka Black Rose, can tolerate mild, but keeping the plant in extreme cold temperatures for more extended periods might kill the plant. This means if theAeonium Arboreum Zwartkop is reveling to start freezing for a prolonged period, it will die very soon. However, in mild winters, the Black roses can grow effectively even as an outdoor plant.
  • Though keep in mind that if you live in severe winter-prone areas, winterizing your plant is an essential step to keep it alive. You have to frost-proof the plant.
  • For that, bring your Aeonium Arboreumindoors and plant them inside containers. In case your succulents are planted on the ground, cover them with frost clothes to keep them safe and alive.
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How will you Propagate an Aeonium Arboretum?

Stem cuttings will always be a good idea to propagate your Aeonium Arboreum. All these plants will not easily propagate from the leaves, but stem cutting is always a success.

Learn all the steps to propagate your Aeonium: –

Step 1:

At first, you need to cut the stem and leave it to dry for a few days. Depending upon the thickness of the stem and the area where you live, you might have to increase or decrease the number of days you let your stem dry. A thicker stem takes longer to dry, while a thin stem often dries in a day.

Step 2:

Dip the stem into some quality rooting hormone, which can quickly grow the process of propagation. However, it is an optional step, and if you want, you can even skip it.

Step 3:

Once you notice that the stems have dried and sealed or calloused, you can stick them in the potting mix. Ensure that you have a well-draining potting mix so that there is no water stagnating inside the pot.

Step 4:

Keep the pot away from direct sunlight and water them only when they are dry. Watering too often can damage the plant.

Step 5:

After caring for a few weeks, you will notice that the roots have developed in the plant. In a few weeks after that, the stem cuttings will have rooted in the soil. Tug the soil to check if there is any root.

You will know that the plant has to root if, upon pulling, the stem does not slide out easily. It means the plant has formed roots that are tied to the soil. In a few weeks, new leaves will start to grow out of the plant.

Step 6:

After the plant has fully rooted, keep it away from direct sunlight. It may cause damage to the plant. You have to increase the amount of sunlight gradually to ensure the plant has time to accommodate.

Step 7:

At the initial stage, you can water every 2-3 days. After the plant starts growing, decrease watering for drought tolerance.

Propagating Black Rose is very easy, and you can do it even if you are a beginner.

Aeonium arboreum

Black Rose Flowers

One common characteristic among all Aeonium is thatAeonium succulents are monocarpic plants. It means all these plants will die just after giving the flower. It only means your plant has grown old enough, and now it is about to bloom and die. These baby plants continue to grow and produce their offshoots, thereby continuing the process after the mother plant and the flowers die.

Aeonium arboretumproduces beautiful flowers that peek out from the center of the dark purple rosette. These flowers are in stunning yellow and bright, increasing the beauty of the entire plant. The bright yellow color contrasts nicely with the dark purple foliage.

We suggests this succulent for your garden

Adding these plants in your garden or indoor setting will indeed increase the aura of the place. With their dark chubby rosettes and excellent foliage, they are right to have earned the name of Black Rose.

If you are a beginner, you don’t have to worry about scrutinizing the plant; follow these essential tips and care routines, and you are good to go. Now that you know how to keep yourAeonium Arboreumhealthy, juicy, and perfectly beautiful, next time you head to the nursery, grab yourself a couple of these gorgeous treats.

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