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Succulent Terrarium

How to make a Succulent Terrarium? Terrarium Ideas and Kits

These succulent plants are small, slow-growing plants; a terrarium is a sealed glass container containing plants and soil. A succulent terrarium acts as a mini-greenhouse. The terrarium plants, containers are typically transparent, such as glass and plastic; sealed containers and open are the types of terrariums. A sealed terrarium has a removable lid and an available, and the container cannot.

Terrarium can open to the environment rather than the seal. The sealed container combines with the heat and terrarium allows a small scale of the water cycle. As both plant and the soil evaporates the moisture in the elevated temperature inside the terrarium, these vapors condense on the plant’s container’s walls and eventually fall on the plants and ground.

succulent terrarium

Mosses, orchids, ferns are varieties of tropical plants. Pour water frequently. There are less humidity and soil moisture. Such as temperate plants in an open terrarium, which is most suited to the plants? Not all plants are suited to the closed terrarium. Plants, which require more sunlight, this open terrarium works well for it.

Table of Contents

Supplies Need to Make a Succulent Terrarium

  1. A transparent glass container
  2. Rocks
  3. Soil
  4. Spoon for placing soil
  5. Tweezers for putting materials into the soil

How to Make a Succulent Terrarium?

Purchase a new terrarium case to hold the terrarium plants. Then, fill the half amount of soil at the bottom of the container you plan to use and lay rocks as the first player in the terrarium.

how to make succulent terrarium

  • Add any large pieces (or) rocks that you would like to include.
  • Make a big hole in the soil that is enough for the roots of the plants to rest.
  • Remove the plants from the container and flush the roots lightly to loosen roots from the soil.
  • Plants them in the thin layer of soil and add soil around the plants as a second layer. Later pour soil in the top and arrange it as a layer.
  • Mix up the plants, colors, and sizes.

Succulent Terrarium Kit

Take a container and put pea gravel into the bottom of it.

Over the gravel layer, put a thin layer of soil, pat it gently,

Above the thin layer of soil, place all the activated charcoal, absorbing toxins and excess water. It will also get rid of Bugs.

Make the succulent ready to plant by cutting the succulent leaves. Decorators design the plants according to their wishes. It looks awesome.

Place the succulent in the container and put dirt at the same time.

By putting rocks and moss along the edge of the container, increase the prettiness of the succulent.

Be patient and play around with adding different styles. It takes some time for the best look. Adding moisture can harm the plant, be careful while putting too much moss near succulent. No need to water frequently for the succulent plants

Succulent Terrarium Ideas

The succulent terrarium plants are gorgeous. You need just glass or a clear container, plants, soil, charcoal, and small stones, and use moss and other decorative materials. The fun activity is making a terrarium and makes it a family moment. You can make a terrarium in a glass or transparent container and start adding soil and pebbles.

These plants may not need to place on the table. They are attractive. You can use the seashells for the terrariums, such as red abalone shells, fig shells, and sand dollars. Different types of seashells are there to decorate the terrarium plants. You can also add wooden logs at the bottom level of terrariums. If you choose the wooden logs, make sure to disinfect them first to get rid of bugs.

DIY Succulent Terrariums

Plastic and glass are the most popular things, glass is cheaper and is available widely, while the plastic terrarium is more durable and lighter, to some sizes, and glass shape is limited. Open container is best for sun-loving plants. There is a need for sand and crushed charcoal for the DIY succulent terrarium.

The layer of 1-inch sand or charcoal mix is sufficient. The golden or white sand looks beautiful in terrariums and needs some small stones for DIY succulent plants and small pebbles to work well, as does small pieces of broken pottery, Place the glowing stones as they glow in the night times. It is the best idea if you keep the terrarium in a sunny spot during the day.

No need for much maintenance to this plant; it just takes time to find the best succulent soil. Choose the plant, which is suitable for your location, and then you plant these plants. Observe the plants whether you have natural sunlight or not. Afterward, Pour water into the plants carefully. When they are bushy, it will spoil dead foliage, which helps to prevent rotting.

Use a spray bottle for watering the DIY terrarium plants, water the plant once a week if you have an open terrarium, and be careful to avoid any mosses that do not need as much water. Ensure that soil remains moist, not wet, or bone dry—no need to pour more water. If the terrarium is closed to the sun, observe the plant when exposed to direct sunlight.

How to Choose a Terrarium ?

We should observe the quality of the terrarium and try to hit the top of the container and hear the sound; then, if you hear a low voice.


People prefer the readymade terrariums because designers will make them in modern patterns. Therefore, the Container look is entirely different.


People prefer Readymade, but handmade is good than Readymade. We can design in our model. We should know the standard of that piece.


Nowadays, succulent’s lovers are increasing worldwide. People focus on its containers and plants protection. Therefore, Succulents terrarium has demand in the market. People are manufacturing these terrariums in different models and several shapes; this beautiful terrarium attracts plant lovers. Succulents will boost our energy. It will protect us from virus infections, and we will feel relief. It improves our health ideally.

Learn How to take care of distinct varieties of succulent?
Have you known each succulent species has marginally different care needs? Some are more likely to plant well for you than others. We provide help to identify your succulent plant easily and supervise which ones would be good for you! We highlighted more than 100+ succulents variety; more succulents variety will add soon.

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