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Senecio Vitalis

Senecio Vitalis Blue Chalk Finger

Senecio Vitalis

Senecio Vitalis

Narrow-Leaf Chalk Sticks,Blue chalk finger

Senecio is a succulent species of flowering plant, and the common name for this succulent is blue chalk fingers. This succulent is in blue, green color and is best suitable to plant in containers.

This plant has a beautiful height. The blue chalk finger plant belongs to South Africa. It forms leaves, which are in blue to green color, and produces flowers in cream color.

It is a warmer plant, also grows well indoor. This plant loves bright sunlight, and it needs regular sunlight for few hours a day.

As you want to place it indoors, place the container near the window as it gets early morning sunlight…Senecio plants hail from the family of Asteraceae.

The familiar names to this plant are ragworts. Senecio plant survives best in full sunlight. This plant spreads when it gets regular sunlight.

This plant gives an attractive look. It is best as a houseplant. If the plant does not get sunlight, the plant may cause death.

Senecio Vitalis Care and Propagation Information

How to grow Senecio Vitalis?

The blue chalk finger plant grows best outdoor and indoor; the plant needs six to eight hours of sunlight per day. This plant spreads quickly, better to choose a large pot and well drain, as it has drainage holes.

Whether you place it in a container or the ground, the plant grows well, and it need well drain soil mix. Choose a typical sandy soil; clay soil does not suit this plant.

If you take the wet earth, the roots of the plant may cause to rot. This plant absorbs much water from the air. Allow it to grow in the bright sun, and then it gives a dazzling look. It is also best for a houseplant.

How to fertilize Senecio Vitalis?

Fertilize the plant with water-soluble fertilizers. Fertilize the plant once a month. Fertilizing the plant is not much important, as you want to use; water-soluble fertilizers are preferable.

Instead of pouring the fertilizers, add them to the around the plant. Fertilizers add half strength to your succulent.

The plant needs fertilizers every once a month. When we pour fertilizer, then the plant needs less water.

How to Repot Senecio vitalis?

Repot the plant in the spring season. This plant needs less maintenance. No, it requires many efforts. As it is a fast-growing plant, plant it in the ground. Repot the plant in a large container or the environment.

Select a drain soil mix, moisture the soil in the summer season. After you repot, sprinkle the water on the earth, and leave it.

It begins to grow after few days. Then water the plant regularly as it grows until the inch of a pot.

Senecio vitalis plant in Outdoors

The blue chalk finger plant grows well in an open area as the plant spreads and grows faster, best to plant in the ground outdoors. It gives an attractive look in an outdoor garden.

On the outside, the plant grows healthy as it gets bright sunlight. It is best to grow the plant outdoor. Avoid watering in cool months.

Need regular watering as you plant newly. Water it until the soil become moist. Careful while watering, do not wet the soil deeply, may lead to plant death.

Water the plant thoroughly until it ultimately creates itself in the ground.

How to water Senecio Vitalis?

The blue chalk finger plant needs regular water in its growing stage. The soak and dry processes are best for this plant. Soak the blue chalk finger plant for three weeks.

Allow the soil mix to dry completely between every watering. Choose a container that is healthy drain and has drainage holes. Water usually until it grows to a height.

Water the thoroughly in the summer season as it begins to grow. In winter, season no need to water the plant regularly; avoid too much water to the plant.

Before going to water check the soil whether it is entirely dried or not.

How to propagate Senecio vitalis?

You may propagate the plant with the leaf or stem cuttings. Choose a healthy leaf or a stem from the main plant and pluck it off or if it not possible to pluck it off, cut it with a sterile knife.

Let it dry for a few days and take a healthy drain container with well drainage holes and dry soil. Keep the leaf in the pot and push it deeper into the ground to avoid pulling.

Leave it for one day, and water the plant sparingly. Water the plant regularly as it begins to grow.

Senecio vitalis plant in indoor

The blue chalk finger grows in bright sunlight. If you want to increase the plant indoors, place the plant near the window as it receives bright sunlight.

Place the plant that gets early morning sunlight for at least six hours a day—no need to water the plant often as you place it indoors.

The plant does not tolerate cool temperatures and may accept warm and dry conditions. Avoid wetting the plant regularly in the winter season.

Overwater may cause root rot, prevention from root rot is significant. In the duration of drought, the plant requires frequent watering.

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