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Know About 50+ Rare Succulents Plant Which Worth Buying 2022

Many gardeners have taken up the pastime of collecting and growing various varieties of succulents in recent years. They are continuously on the lookout for Rare Succulents that are Truly Unique to add to their collection in this quest. This list features some of the stunning succulents you’ll be happy to own!

Succulent plants have been increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their low-maintenance requirements as well as the variety of these intriguing plants. Some succulents have anatomical adaptations and hues that make them appear like they belong on another planet rather than on your windowsill.

1. Ruby Necklace

The vibrant purple trailing stems are the first, and the foremost thing is, these plants will take anyone’s breath away. It’s also known as Little Pickles because of its stunning foliage, which has a bean-like form and complements the multicolored stems—the plant’s red stalks topped with yellow daisy-like blossoms.

Rare Ruby Necklace Succulent

2. Living Rock Cactus

living-rock-succulent ariocarpus-fissuratus

The tops of the stems are spherical and appear to have been squished. The yellowish-green stem can reach a height of 8-10 inches and a width of 10-12 inches. Despite the unusual curvature of the stems, the white blossoms are magnificent and cover the entire succulent.

3. Plant with Crinkle Leaves

The crinkled leaves are completely covered in microscopic white hair and appear to be ash-covered. Long stems with red-colored white flowers can reach up to 8-10 inches. 

4. Living Stone [Pebbles]

The Mesebrianthemaceae family includes this slow-growing plant that looks like lithops. The stems are clumpy and relatively spherical, and globular. The body is covered with dotted lines, with a crack in the center from which the flower emerges.

5. Plover Eggs

This branching succulent doesn’t go very tall, although it can reach a height of 15-20 cm. The leaves are narrow of this cactus at the base and large, wavy, and too flat at the edges. The pink flowers grow on a 10-14 inch tall inflorescence. 


Adromischus-cooperi- plover eggs succulent

6. Baby Toes

Baby toes succulent -Fenestraria rhopalophylla

Because of their similarity to stubby baby toes and small rocks are also known as living stones. It belongs to the same family as lithops. It’s simple to multiply by separating leaves from their clusters. The lovely white blossoms, like the sunflower, follow the sun.

7. Sand Dollar Cactus

The spinelessness of this cactus, which grows to be 2-3 inches tall, is a plus. The stem is split into ribs ranging from 5 to 11. Yellow flowers bloom atop the stalks, followed by hairy fruits ranging from green to pink to red. 

Sand dollor cactus - Astrophtum_Asterias

8. Plant for Baseball

Baseball succulent - euphorbia-obesa

Its shape is practically spherical when young, and it resembles a baseball, hence the name. In addition, the 8 to 10 ribs make the framework appear to be stitched along with others. It becomes increasingly dome-shaped as it matures, reaching a height of 8 inches.

9. Paper Spine Cactus

The delicate and papery spines covering the knobby stems gave this cactus its name. These spines wrap up in a way that gives it a ribbon-like look from a distance. Its white, bell-shaped blooms contrast with a golden throat, enhancing its attractiveness. 

Paper Spine Cactus

10. Calico Hearts

calico hearts

It is distinguished by red-purple spots sprinkled throughout the fleshy leaves of calico hearts. Rich crimson veins run over the margins of the gray-green leaves. Furthermore, its distinctive foliage, accompanied by tube-shaped flowers that bloom in the summer, may steal anyone’s heart.


11. Window Plant with a Star

This succulent is sometimes mistaken with aloe because of its dark-green fleshy leaves. Star window succulent leaves are variegated and feature sharp tapering tips. These jelly-like leaves form a star-like rosette design that can be up to four inches across. 

Haworthia cuspidata star windows succulent

12. Cactus with a Rainbow Hedgehog

chinocereus rigidissimus rainbow Hedgehog cactus

In the summer, the magenta and pink flowers of the rainbow cactus are a wonderful treat. Bands of glossy pink spines cover the stem, naturally curled inward. In addition, as the plant matures, the hue of the pink spines fades to yellow.

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