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Pleiospilos Nelii

Pleiospilos Nelii: 3 Tips to Growing Split Rock Plant Indoor

Pleiospilos Nelii
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The Pleiospilos nelii plant is succulent and is familiar as a split rock succulent plant. The plant is a tribe of flowering plants, and the plant hails from the family Aizoaceae.

The succulent hails from South Africa. The Pleiospilos plant is in the shape of an elliptical. The plant forms leave in grey-green.

Common Names: Split Rock Plant, Mimicry Plant, Living Rock Cactus, African Living Rock, Pleiospilos nelii “Split Rock”, Royal Flush Split Rocks.

Family: Aizoaceae

Watering Gap: 10-14 days (winter), 6-8 days (summer)

Common Care for Pleiospilos Nelii "Split Rock Succulent Plant"

In this section we briefly describe some common care and growing tips for Royal Flush Split Rocks succulent plant.

How to Water Split Rock Succulent?

The Pleiospilos plant grows well indoors. Do not water the plant regularly, and the plant doesn’t need much effort and maintenance. Water the plant rarely in the winter month—the plant specks on the edges of the leaves.

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Water regularly as they begin to grow. Avoid watering thoroughly in cooler months and makes the soil dry completely between every watering.

Choose well drain soil and take the container which has drainage holes. Don’t overwater the plant. If you overwater, the plant may cause death and may get fungal infections.

How to Propagate Split Rock Plant?

The propagation is easy to Pleiospilos nelii plant. Propagation of seeds or leaves is very easy. Remove clusters of the plant as it begins to grow. The Pleiospilos plant does well from seeds harvested from the plants.

Propagation of this plant is best to do in summer season is not cold hard place. Before you plant the Pleiospilos:

Soak the seeds in the water of this plant for one day.

Sow the seeds in the soil and sprinkle water on it till it germinates.

Select a full drain soil and avoid fertilizing till the plant begins to grow.

The split rock succulent forms more than one pair of leaves from its center of the plant. The split plant doesn’t need any special care, as it may care itself. No need to groom the plant.

You may pluck off the old leaves of the plant, as the old plates will fix to the plant, leave the plant for few days then the old leaves goes off.

The plant is with long exude roots, so take a large container which is with drainage holes. You may also add few rocks at the bottom of the container to prevent the plant.

Pleiospilos Nelii Plant Indoor

The plant needs bright light, and it does best indoor. The plant loves warm temperatures. It is best to place it indoors near the window.

Early morning sunlight helps to grow easily. This plant is a slow-growing plant. Feed the plant in the spring season.

How to Grow Pleiospilos Nelii?

The plant does well indoor and outdoor. The plant needs bright light. The Pleiospilos plant is a slow-growing plant, and it loves warm temperatures.

It does well in warm temperatures compare to cool weather. It is also growing great indoor as it gets bright sunlight. The best place to choose indoor is the window side.

The plant needs typical water compares to the other plants. Soak and dry processes are the best to choose. Check the soil, whether it is completely drained or not, before watering.

Place the plant in bright sunlight as it likes the warm climates, and overlight may cause the plant to get sunburnt. Place the plant in well-drained soil.

How to Fertilize Pleiospilos Nelii?

Fertilize the plant as it grows actively. Choose the last leaves of this plant and use them as fertilizers. Fertilize the Pleiospilos plant in the late fall.

Do not fertilize the plant with direct touch. When the plant begins to grow, then you may fertilize the plant. Avoid fertilizing the plant during its dormancy period.

How to Repot Split Rock Succulent?

Repot the plant every three to five years, choose a new plant and fresh soil, plant the succulent deep in the pot, which has well drainage holes to the bottom. It dies best outdoor in a garden. Before you re-pot:

Make sure that the container should have drainage holes.

Add some of the pebbles on the top of the soil, as the plant feels like a home.

Avoid watering the plant after re-potting.

Leave the plant for a couple of days to grow and make itself adjustable in the soil.

Water the plant as it needs.

Please don’t disturb the succulent when it is in the dormancy period.

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Split Rock Plant Outdoor

The plant loves bright light, and it likes to grow outdoor in a garden, even in the summer seasons. The plant tolerates all types of climates. It is a hardy succulent, grows best outdoor.

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