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Crassula Capitella

Crassula Capitella “Campfire Crassula”

Crassula Capitella

Crassula Capitella

Campfire Crassula

Crassula plants are the fastest-growing succulent plants. It has propeller-shaped green leaves, and they change into bright red in hot and cool weather. Due to its vibrant flower colors, bees and butterflies attracts to this succulent plant. This plant is not suited for indoor growing. Crassula capitella grow up to 5” (61 centimeters) tall. Origin


Crassula is native to South Africa. It has a prominent feature in the landscape of Namibia and Botswana. It is famous to the Indigenous people of South Africa. People use dried plant roots powder to heal wounds.


The name Crassula means thick. Capitella word is relative to a specific epithet drawn from the Latin phrase capitellam. Crassula Capitella is an evergreen succulent and has small thick leaves, firmly stacked on top of each other, attached to a stem. The leaves of their plant are narrow and tend to resemble a propeller.

This plant loves winter, the red color shines thoroughly, and it will as a ground cover in a container garden.

Common Care And Propagation Information

How to water crassula capitella?

The campfire crassula needs more Water because the Water becomes dry in a short period. Therefore, we should frequently pour by observing Water in the pot.

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Crassula capitella in Indoor

This plant is not cold, hardy, so the zone (30°f) you live in gets the plant harder. It is better to plant the succulent in a container that will buy for indoors and does well in full to partial sunlight. Plant it in your garden, where the plant gets sunlight 6 hours a day. The plant is grand to keep it in a corner at home. Therefore, people feel happy to grow it Indoor.

Crassula in outdoor

Campfire crassula is lovely succulent in the garden. These fabulous flowers fascinate visitors. The public will inspire and will try to buy the plant. The succulent is impressive to decorate outdoor. The garden looks fantastic.

How to propagate crassula capitella?

Crassula is easy to propagate from the stem cuttings, and it will grow from offsets. A gardener cuts the campfire cutting with a plant cuter to grow fast. Then, the gardener will keep this in a well-drained pot.

Therefore, tiny sprouts will grow near the plant. These campfire plants are evergreen and are succulent of flowering; this plant will keep its leaves throughout the year. It is for its clump-forming habit and grows to a height of 30 cm.

The succulents need rich organic, well-drained soil. Check the earth, whether it is moist or not, by your finger or stick. The ground needs to be 3-4 inches top in the pot and feels dry to touch, then apply one cup of Water (approximate 50 ml). Observe and Water the plant regularly in summer and alternate in the rainy winter seasons.

When to water crassula capitella?

Water the plant in the early hours and sunset time. Then re-pot with fresh potting soil and some fertilizers. Keep the plant in shady areas for 2-3 days, and re-pot in the evening is preferable and then moves the plant in its suitable place.

When the pot does not have a drainage hole, do not overwater the plant, and do not apply the Water on flowers and leaves because it may cause fungus infections. This crassula campfire is for an ornamental purpose like containers, edging, fillers, ground covers, rock gardens. It blossoms in summer.

Fertilizer needs for crassula capitella

Fertilize this plant with compost twice a year. Anyhow, Crassula will usually tolerate the dry environment. Succulents prefer both settings, and it likes cool in the evening routine in the morning. Sometimes when the clay is, wet plants need hot sun.

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