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Adromischus cristatus
Adromischus cristatus

Adromischus Cristatus

Crinkle Leaf Plant, Key Lime Pie

Adromischus cristatus is succulent and is popular as Key lime pie plant. This plant has small hairs, which cover it. The edges of leaves will be crinkle, and they are easy to grow.

Adromischus cristatus plant is the tribe of the plant succulents and belongs to the family of Crassulaceae, hails from South Africa. The leaves of this are in grey to green color, and the leaves are thick, the tip of leaves is crinkle.

It produces flowers, which are in tube shape and white. The familiar name of the Key lime pie plant is the crinkle leaf plant. It is a slow-growing plant. It grows well indoors and outdoors, but it likes full sun.

Adromischus Cristatus Care and Propagation

How to Grow Adromischus Cristatus?

Crinkle leaf plant grows in all types of climates, incomplete sunny areas in outdoors or indoors. Choose a full drain soil and container, which has drainage holes. This plant needs typical watering.

Soak and dry processes are best for this succulent. Allow the soil mix to dry totally between every watering. Check the soil before you water the plant. The plant needs warm conditions to grow well.

The key lime plant forms flat leaves and looks like a crinkle. This plant may survive in full sun and not much suitable indoors.

How to propagate Adromischus Cristatus?

They are two ways to propagate the plant, with the leaves and stem cuttings. It is easy to reproduce with leaves. Take a healthy plate from the main plant, and allow the leaf to dry for one day.

Now choose a well-drain soil and use the pot, which has well drainage holes, to pass the water. Keep the leaf in the ground, which is a well drain, and leave the vessel for one day and water sparingly.

Do water regularly until it grows as an inch of the pot, then water according to the climates.

Adromischus Cristatus in indoor

If you want to grow the plant as a houseplant, then choose the place near the window. The plant needs few hours of direct sunlight per day. It does not develop fast if it does not receive sunlight—no need to water as you place it indoors.

The best indoor place is near a window. Do not forget the plant to fertilize. It is suitable for a houseplant because it needs bright light.

How to water Adromischus Cristatus?

Water the plant regularly as it begins to grow. Water the plant regularly in the summer season. In cooler months, water the plant sparingly. Observe the mud before going to water the plant.

Allow the soil to dry completely between every watering. In normal months, water the plant for every 10 to 15 days, and in the winter season, water it alternates.

Do not water the plant in its dormancy period. The plant needs less water to compare to other succulents. Avoid excess water. If you water the plant, excess the plant may change to yellow color.

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How to fertilize Adromischus Cristatus?

Fertilize the plant once a month, and use water-soluble fertilizers. Fertilize the crinkle leaf plant in the spring and summer seasons. Do not fertilize the plant as the plant in its baby stage. It is best to use diluted fertilizers for this kind of succulents.

How to Repot Key Lime Pie Succulent

As the plant leaves come out of the plant, they take a larger pot where the plant grows freely. Take few leaves from the plant and push the leaves into the vessel deeply to avoid pulling off. Leave it for one day and start watering the plant. It is best to re-pot in the spring season.

Adromischus Cristatus in Outdoors

The plant grows well outside as it gets bright light. It does well in every season, and the plant tolerates all kinds of temperatures. The plant loves bright sunlight.

The plant grows actively in warm and dry conditions. Need regular watering to the plant; as you place it outdoor, it needs regular watering in its growing duration.

It needs typical water in cool seasons and regular water in hot months.

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